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At Peruvian Accent we specialize in making all types of goods out of the finest Alpaca.  We created the Peruvian Puppy Boutique to showcase just our collection of luxury dog sweaters.
We work hard to offer you the highest quality doggy sweaters with the most unique styles that will be comfortable, warm, and look great.
You will also love our very special collection of luxury teacup dog clothes!

How to figure out what size your doggie needs.

Each listing has a sizing chart.  When measuring and selecting a size, focus on the neck and chest measurement the most, not as much on the length.  

Please feel free to click the message icon on the bottom of your screen to get our help with sizing.  We don't mind at all. 

Why do people love our Sweaters?

Many times people think their dogs don’t like to wear sweaters but the truth is sometimes, they are just uncomfortable having clothes go over their heads. For this very reason, we designed sweaters that zip up the back. Your dog will get used to stepping into the sleeves, then you easily zip it up.

You will also love the traditional Peruvian hand-embroidered designs making each sweater a unique work of art.

Why use Alpaca?

*Alpaca is hypoallergenic.

*It regulates heat.

*It’s anti-microbial.

*It repels water.

The Beauty of Alpaca.

Many of us love to take our dogs everywhere we go. If you live somewhere like Atlanta, it is warm one moment and cold the next. We chose to use Alpaca on the Nazca style and the Poncho because Alpaca regulates heat. No more taking off the sweater just to put it back on a moment later.

The Poncho and Nazca style have a hole on the back!

You will love how convenient this is. You can put the harness under the sweater or poncho and clip the leash through!


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