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Peruvian Accent

Alpaca dog sweaters (size 0-8)

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As far as doggy sweaters go, this is the finest you can get. The Peruvian alpaca is so soft your doggy will love how it feels. The beautiful colors will draw many compliments and the stretchy loose-knit makes it easy for you to put on your doggy.

When it comes to Alpaca, it is important to know that there are different qualities. The first two haircuts our Alpacas get is called baby Alpaca and for the next 18 years, it is considered Adult Alpaca, which is worth about 1/5 the price of baby Alpaca. Our sweaters are made with beautiful baby Alpaca for the ultimate softness in doggy sweaters.

We made these beautiful doggy sweaters drawing inspiration from the Nazca Lines, the mystical lines in the desert of Peru.

The sizes are determined by the measurement around the neck (circumference) and the measurement around the chest, right behind the front legs.

I know there are many imitations out there now, it is truly flattering. Please know we are the only place on Etsy that you can buy one of our Peruvian Accent doggy sweaters. We are the original makers and the quality is evident. We are always making new colors and never lowering our standards. Please feel free to message me with any questions.


SIZE. Length. (approximate) and neck/chest circumference.

Length. 8.75"
Neck Circ: 7.50"
Chest Circ: 11.50"

Length 10"
Neck Circ: 9-10"
Chest Circ: 13"

Size 2:
Length 11.50"
Neck Circ: 10-11"
Chest Circ: 14-15"

Size 4:
Length 12.50"
Neck Circ: 11-12.5"
Chest Circ: 16-17"

Size 6:
Length 13.50-14"
Neck Circ: 13-14.50"
Chest Circ: 19-20"

Size 8:
Length 15"
Neck Circ: 14-15.50"
Chest Circ: 23"

If you are unsure about what size your dog needs, feel free to message me. I can help you!

If you would like to see the designs on the sweater we are shipping you just leave a note at checkout. Each one is handmade so they will vary as far as applique placement.

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