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  • Alpaca Reversible Shawl - Peruvian Accent
  • Alpaca Reversible Shawl - Peruvian Accent
  • Alpaca Reversible Shawl - Peruvian Accent
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Alpaca Reversible Shawl

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We made these for those of you who love luxury and appreciate quality handmade products you cannot find elsewhere.  The baby Alpaca wool is incredibly soft, the colors created with all-natural dyes are vibrant and the compliments you will get when you wear your shawl will be priceless. 

There are times in life when you find a product that you must have,  this is one of those moments. You will love how versatile your shawl is. You can wear it on so many different occasions.  It is reversible also.  

Very easy to dress up or dress down with this shawl.  It has a darker side and a lighter side.  Alpaca has no lanolin making it hypoallergenic and perfect for even those people sensitive to wool! 

We created these beautiful color combinations using all-natural dyes.  This makes it so it won't fade like with chemical dyes.  Alpaca is also hollow hair.  This is important because it allows it to regulate heat!  If you are warm it won't heat you up but if your temperature drops it will heat you up. 

The width of the shawl is 41" and the total length is 59" (29.5" from shoulder to bottom on each side).