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Peruvian Accent

Ladybug KIDS SWEATERS (100% Alpaca)

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Does your child love Ladybugs?  This will be their new favorite sweater.  

Our beautiful sweaters are made with care in the Andes region of Peru.  It is comfy, cozy and warm. Unlike other Peruvian kid's sweaters you will find online, these are made with beautiful Alpaca.

Alpaca is a luxury fiber, unlike any other wool.  Although it is wool, it is soft on the skin and does not itch.  We only use baby Alpaca, which is the finest Alpaca that comes from the first or second haircut we give our Alpacas.  

Alpaca is hypoallergenic, it has no lanolin and best of all, it regulates heat.  When you are warm, it stops warming you up and when your body temperature drops, it heats you up more.  

Sizing: Please look at the sizing dimensions to know what size to buy.  I have three measurements, the body width, the height (from the shoulder to the bottom of the sweater), and the sleeve length.

Size 0:


H: 12"

Sleeve:  9"


Size 2:

W: 11-12"

H:  13"

Sleeve:   9.5"

Size 4:

W:  12-14"

H:  14"

Sleeve:  11"


Size 6:

W:  13-14

H:  15"

Sleeve:  12"


Size 8:

W:  14-15"

H:  16"

Sleeve:  13"


These sweaters are made of Alpaca.