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  • Reversible Alpaca Beanie. Beige with brown tweed and beige color. Made In Peru. - Peruvian Accent
  • Reversible Alpaca Beanie. Beige with brown tweed and beige color. Made In Peru. - Peruvian Accent
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Peruvian Accent


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You will love your reversible Alpaca Beanie. It is like purchasing two beanies for the price of one.

We use the highest quality baby Alpaca to give it the softest feel. So soft you won't be dying to take it off the first chance you get.

Alpaca is rated warmer than polar bears' fur but since the hair is hollow, it regulates heat. When. you are warm, it will stop warming you up but when your temperature drops, it triggers the Alpaca to warm you up. This is why my customers who love the outdoors prefer Alpaca! No more taking off layers just to put them back on a few minutes later.

Alpaca is also hypoallergenic and does not itch thanks to it having practically no lanolin. We also use all-natural dyes so the colors will stay beautiful and not fade like Chemical dyes tend to do.

Alpaca fiber's keratin protein has natural antibacterial properties which make it odor resistant. It is also considered water repellant!

This beanie is unisex and the knit is perfect for kids 12 years old up to adults with the biggest head! The biggest complaint guys have when it comes to wearing normal beanies is that they keep creeping up on the ears and they constantly have to keep pulling the beanie down. Our beanies are knit in a special way that allows it to stay put on your head, even if you have a big head! And, you can wear it slouchy style or cuffed, either way, it stays put.

Your beanie will hardly ever seem dirty, it is hard to even get it to absorb any odors. This is why it is the perfect travel beanie. Plus, you can wear the color on one side one day and the other side the next. The best way to clean it, when you finally do, is to dry clean it. You can also do the home dry clean kits or if you need to, you wash it in the delicate cycle, cold water, and lay it flat to dry.