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Peruvian Accent


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If you are picky about fur and only love the finest quality, then this is for you. We only use the finest long baby Siri Alpaca fur that has been naturally harvested in the MDs of Peru.
Our standard size is 3‘ x 5‘ and the length of the fur is three fingers approximately 2 inches. The one in the picture is taupe color, but we can make it black, white, brown, natural beige or charcoal.
Most online sellers are using adult Alpaca, which is not as soft. There’s a huge difference between that quality and baby alpaca. Any rug you buy from us will have only the finest hair or we won’t make it. We also fully finish the backside with a beautiful liner.

It takes us approximately a week and a half to make one rug and we ship it from Peru, which can take one to three weeks to arrive depending on where you live. Shipping to the United States is free.

This will definitely be your favorite rug and you will love the compliments you get when people visit your home.

Feel free to message if you have any questions or want custom sizes or colors. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my rugs.