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  • Comfy Fit Alpaca socks - Peruvian Accent
  • Comfy Fit Alpaca socks - Peruvian Accent
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Peruvian Accent

Comfy Fit Alpaca socks

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When it comes to Alpaca wool socks, not all socks are the same.  We make our socks with some of the finest Alpaca in Peru.  This allows us to make them thinner without sacrificing warmth or softness.  Many Alpaca socks you will find are incredibly thick, and you may think that is a good thing.  But the truth is that they are thick because typically the oldest Alpaca hair, which is coarse, is what they use for those socks.  

We use young Alpaca hair (baby Alpaca) to give it the most softness, warmth, and comfort. Only the first or second haircut we give our Alpacas can be classified as "baby Alpaca", this is what we keep for our products.  Since our socks are thinner, you can comfortably wear them with your dress shoes, work boots or tennis shoes.  

We also use a wide band on the top so you won't get those awful dents in your legs like other socks may leave.  These are perfect for people with circulation problems or diabetes. 

You will appreciate that Alpaca is hollow hair, allowing it to regulate heat.  When you are warm, it practically stops warming you up, but when your temperature drops, it will warm you up more.  

Another fun feature that makes baby Alpaca a luxury fiber is that it has practically no lanolin, making it hypoallergenic.