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Peruvian Accent

Brushed Baby Alpaca Blanket

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Do you love the weight and feel of soft baby Alpaca wool?   Our new line of 90% baby Alpaca blankets are perfect for you. 

Made with all natural dyes and beautiful baby Alpaca, these blankets are perfect for the couch, the foot of the bed, camping, etc. 

Alpaca is considered a luxury fiber.  Because the hair is hollow, it regulates heat. When you are warm, it does not want to warm you up and when your body temperature drops, it triggers the Alpaca to warm you up. No more kicking the blankets just to get cold again and have to cover up. 

Alpaca is also hyperallergenic so it does not trigger allergies. This is because it has no lanolyn.  

There are a few patterns to select from and some have different sizes.   

LLama, Black Chacana and Beige Chacana are 54 inches by 66 inches. 

The Dark Chocolate, Corral Red or Gray and Blue are a bit bigger.  They measure 60 inches by 71 inches. 

These measurements do not include the fringe at the end.