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Peruvian accent

Giant standing alpaca with pompom

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The fur on these Alpacas is so soft, you will be amazed. Especially the way the luxury, silky, long flowing hair feels to pet.

We have three sizes. The Giant Alpacas laying down, the Large Alpacas that are standing and we also have the baby size Alpacas.

They were all made with the most luxurious baby Suri Alpaca fur.


All measurements are approximate since these are handmade and not mass produced.

Our Giant size Alpaca (which is actually laying down) is approximately 14 inches tall from legs to tip of ear (in laying down position as pictured) and 12" long from front toe to rear.

Our Large, standing size is 13" tall and 8" long.

The Baby Alpaca size is 6.25" tall and 4.5" long.

This is truly the ultimate gift that will be appreciated by everyone. Perfect for dorm rooms, offices, cubicles, a bedroom, or as an accent piece in your home. These also serve a very important purpose. Suri Alpaca fur is naturally soothing making it a perfect way to relieve stress and anxiety. Whether dealing with stress from work, the office environment, college, or a breakup, these are wonderful to pet. It is almost like having a pet that you don't have to feed or walk. Whoever gets this wonderful gift will love cuddling with it. It is also the way it is a conversation starter.

All our Alpaca stuffed animals are made of the absolute finest, hand-picked baby Alpaca fur you have ever felt. We only use naturally harvested fur. You will find yourself petting your Alpaca all the time. It is like having a pet you don't have to walk or feed. Plus, they are so cute!

Color: Color tones and shades can vary from Alpaca to Alpaca so if you want to see the alpaca we are sending before you order, just message.

Shipping: Shipping to the continental USA is fast and Free.