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Peruvian Accent

Handmade Peruvian cotton Summer dresses with hand-embroidered designs. SIZE 0-8

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Your little girl will love her Peruvian summer dress.  The vibrant colors created with all-natural dyes are stunning.  All the designs are fun and unique making this a dress you won't see everyone wearing when you are out and about.  Best of all, the super soft Pima cotton is so comfy on the skin!

The designs are elegant, fun, and have just the right amount of detail work.  The adjuster on the waistline will tailor the fit to her body style and allow you to wear it as a dress for two summers instead of just one.  Once she outgrows it as a dress, the wide design is perfect for her to wear it as a top matched with some leggings or jeans. 

You are going to love the compliments you get with this dress. 

Size / Measurements

Size 0-
Length- 15.5 inches
Width at waist - 10.25 inches (max)

Size 2-
Length- 17.5 inches
Width at waist - 11 inches (max)

Size 4-
Length- 20.5 inches
Width at waist - 12 inches (max)

Size 6-
Length- 21.25 inches
Width at waist - 11.50 inches (max)

Size 8-
Length- 22.5 inches
Width at waist - 13 inches (max)

Cleaning Instructions: You can either dry clean it, wash it delicately by hand, or if your washing machine has a true delicate cycle you can wash it in the Washing machine. Just make sure to flip it inside out, delicate cycle, cold water and lay it flat to dry.