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Peruvian accent

Medium size, Alpaca Fur stuffed animal

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You will instantly fall in love with your new baby Alpaca Fur Alpaca stuffed animal.  It is not made with regular Alpaca fur, it is made with 100% baby Alpaca fur.  The softest of all Alpaca.  He is so soft you will want to constantly cuddle with him.  (All fur is naturally harvested).

Alpaca is considered a luxury fiber because of many reasons.  It is warmer than sheep's wool, it has no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic and it does not itch.

These Alpacas are great for relieving stress, anxiety and many use them for meditation or as a tool for getting centered.   Petting the Alpaca fur is like having a pet that you don't have to walk or feed.

This is truly a luxury stuffed animal that will be cherished for years to come. 

It is not small like others being sold.  He is Medium (approximately 8” from tip of toe to tip of tail and approx 10" tall)

I offer free shipping to the continental USA.  Arrives to addresses in the USA in 3-5 days.