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Peruvian Accent

Panama Hat. Ala Corta.

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Our Republica del Cacao Panama hats are truly a work of art.  The skill of making a straw hat is slowly disappearing.  To make one of our fine hats takes a master artisan almost a month to make, completely by hand.  But this is what gives it the light, comfortable feel and classy look. 

Each hat is carefully made in Cuenca, Ecuador with the finest Toquilla straw.  It is perfect for traveling to hot places because it will not only shade your face, it will also lower the temperature of your head thanks to the hat's ability to allow airflow and because it is so light.  

Panama hats are incredibly fashionable.  You can dress them up with a nice suite or dress them down with a tank top and swim shorts by the beach.

So go ahead, spoil yourself with an authentic Panama hat.  You will love the look, and appreciate the shade it gives.

Republica del Cacao, super fine handmade Panama Hat. By Peruvian Accent. 

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