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Peruvian Accent

Suri Alpaca fur pom pom Beanie

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Everybody seems to have a pom pom beanie but no one has a real fur pom pom beanie this soft!

Everything about this hat screams luxury and it will definitely be your favorite hat. We are not kidding when we say this is 100% made of baby Alpaca. The yarn we use to knit these hats is made from the first two haircuts we give our Alpacas. We call this quality "baby Alpaca". After the second haircut the hair starts to transition into "Adult Alpaca" which is not as soft.

We knit these out of the baby Alpaca yarn because it gives you the softest hat and is comfortable even if you are wearing it for hours. No more itchy forehead!

Another reason you will love this hat is that it has the ability to regulate heat. Alpaca hair is hollow so when you are hot it stops warming you up and when your body temperature drops, it triggers it to warm you up more. No more taking off layers just to put them back on a few minutes later. Alpaca also has no lanolin so it is hypoallergenic. Even people allergic to wool can enjoy our Alpaca beanies.

The fur on top is the finest Suri Alpaca fur you can get. (We only use naturally harvested fur) It is incredibly soft and you will want to pet it and best of all, no one has a pom pom this soft. You will love all the compliments you get.

Sizing: My model is 10 but these hats are great for kids and adults alike. It is a loose-knit so it won't squish your hair and it will stay perfectly in place. You can wear it cuffed or slouchy style ( see pictures).

We also use all-natural dyes so it will not fade over the years.