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Peruvian Accent

Thick Scarf Beanie or pony tail beanie, . Reversible, Unisex.

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Meet our new variation on one of our most popular products. This handmade, reversible Alpaca beanie scarf is sure to become your favorite.  Made with the finest Alpaca and only all-natural dyes, you will love the beautiful colors and incredible softness that one would want when investing in something made out of Alpaca.  

The versatility of this scarf beanie is amazing!  On the top, you will see it has a couple of drawstrings.  If you leave the top open,  you can slide it down and wear it as a neck warmer/scarf.  Tighten them and you have a beanie.  And women can pull their ponytails through and then tighten the drawstrings.

This is perfect for walking in the cold, along the beach, riding your bike, going skiing or snowboarding, for people who work outdoors or even in a cold warehouse!


One of the best benefits of a beanie made with this quality Alpaca is that whether you wear it for an hour or all day, you will love it.  It won't itch and you won't be waiting for the first opportunity to take it off.  Since Alpaca regulates heat, when you are warm, it stops heating you up.  If your temperature drops it starts to heat you up more.

These are unisex so women and men will both appreciate them.  

To top it all off, these are reversible with two different cool colors on each side.